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New Indie "Song-Casting" Action RPG Game Demo on Steam

Embark on a dark adventure about a struggling musician, voiced by touring musicians during Steam Next Fest

Traveler's Refrain Indie Game Banner

Houston, TX, June 12 2024 - The 5 person indie studio Red Essence Games is proud to announce its story-driven demo is available for free on Steam ahead of Steam Next Fest in June 2024. The demo offers a lengthy gameplay experience, giving players the opportunity to try out the unique song-casting mechanics, call back to memories and mechanics of old action-RPGs, and experience the intro to a dark and relatable story about a failed musician. Red Essence Games focuses on building quality indie games, where art, sound, and storytelling are at the forefront of design.

Traveler's Refrain Combat Gif

About Traveler’s Refrain:

Wield your magical instrument and defy the mecha-goddesses of fate in this Song-Casting, story driven, Action RPG. Explore a forbidden forest as Traveler, and help him reunite with his long lost love as you fight through abominations and solve mysterious puzzles, all while an ancient conflict unfolds.

Play the Traveler's Refrain Demo on Steam Banner

About Red Essence Games

Red Essence Games was formed by a passionate collaboration between long-time friends Nik Hagialas and Arman Ayrapetyan (artist and programmer respectively), who shared a mutual love for old-school RPGs, The Legend of Zelda, and metal music. This allowed them to build a small team of lifelong gamers and professional artists who have collectively brought their art, music, and story driven Action-RPG Traveler’s Refrain to life. Learn more about the studio here.


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